Employee Administration Solutions help businesses reduce cost, ensure compliance, and offer owners a competitive edge in employing the best talent in their industry.

Employer benefits are seen directly on their P&L statements and the employee benefits are that of a Fortune 500 company. Employee Administration is much more than payroll processing; it is aiding in the improvement of your company’s operational

efficiencies and allowing business owners to be an employer of choice. 

Employee Administration provides outsourced services in payroll, human resources, employee benefits, tax compliance, and risk and safety to small and medium-sized businesses.

A Co-employment arrangement is established creating shared liability allowing clients to focus on their core competencies and to grow their business.

Advisor HR - Partner of Trusted Advisors

At Advisor HR, we are service driven! We offer a complete Employee Administration solution for business owners to build their business. Our services are offered only through our Partners who we call our ION Trusted Advisors (Independent Office Network). Advisor HR is fully licensed and responsible for all related compliance, allowing our Trusted Advisors to offer world class services to their clients. 

ION Trusted Advisors are CPA Firms, Insurance Agents, Entrepreneurs, Financial Institutions, Channel Marketing Companies, and Industry Experts.

Advisors - - take the time to look at our full line of services and schedule a complete Business Solutions Overview Presentation to give you all the details you need to become an ION Trusted Advisor at Advisor HR.

Business Clients - - look through the web site to learn more about our services and products we offer our ION Trusted Advisors to help their business clients build a more profitable sustainable business.

To find an ION Trusted Advisor nearest you please call: 704-626-5960. 

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Why Partner with

Advisor HR:

Our Trusted Advisors offer their clients Employee Administration services through Advisor HR that will help manage all federal and state employee-related compliance including payroll taxes, human resource assistance, OSHA, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Additionally, through benefit “pooling”, Employee Administration companies create economies of scale in the areas of Employee Benefits and Worker’s Compensation Insurance allowing Trusted Advisors to offer “Fortune 500” style benefits and help improve their customers bottom line.

Trusted Advisors can help their clients as Advisor HR's portfolio of services helps alleviate day to day administrative tasks while consolidating and improving efficiency in the employee life cycle.