Advisor HR Q & A

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How Do We Work With Clients?
First we have no clients... they are the clients of the Trusted Advisor. Our Employee Administration services our Trusted Advisor clients to provide all payroll and administrative functions. Employers still have complete control over their personnel; we just handle all the burdens associated with Human Resources, Group Benefits, and Payroll. Along with all our great services, we are able to provide our partners with incredible workers compensation rates and a low, stable state unemployment rate.

How Does Using a Our Services Help Me With Workers’ Compensation?
Partnering with us allows companies to utilize the buying power of our partner companies, we are able to get a lower rate and also eliminate future fluctuations in premiums should a workplace accident occur.

What If I Have a Great Rate Already?
Our Trusted Advisor partners clients can receive protection to help keep your great rates. Traditional workers compensation policies are designed to increase in premium when a claim is filed. By using a Advisor HR combined buying power, we are able to give you a low rate and protect that low rate from increases.

What If I Have Had Some Claims and My Rate Is High?
Advisor HR can offer great solutions to lowering your workers compensation costs. If you have a high rate due to a couple of claims, Advisor HR may be able to look at the entire picture over the previous 3 years and work with our partners to get a much better rate. In addition, we offer safety programs to help get you back on track to an accident free workplace.

Does Advisor HR Have To Handle Payroll?
Yes. Payroll processing and tax administration is a non-productive burden for companies. The waste and frustration that goes along with the day-to-day administration of payroll and taxes is an opportunity cost for your business.

Your time and energy is valuable and better spent concentrating on the needs of your customers, managing your staff, supervising the billing and finances of your business and growing your company. As part of the Advisor HR relationship we provide:

  • Calculation and deposit of employer taxes
  • Payment of Federal and State Withholding taxes FICA, FUTA, SUTA
  • Production and electronic filing of 941, 940, W-2, W-3 and other government forms
  • Production and filing of state quarterly and annual reports
  • Assumption of employer tax liabilities

How Does Advisor HR Handle State Unemployment?
SUTA will be calculated and administered by Advisor HR since we are often the employers of record with the state. This alleviates business owners and managers from the tedious and complex task of calculating and reporting SUTA. Companies with employees in multiple states find this service extremely valuable since each state has different cutoff thresholds. In some states, Advisor HR will handle the calculations and reporting but your company will maintain your own experience rating. Advisor HR will handle the unemployment claims and processing.