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Common Lawsuits in HR

In the event of non-compliance, an employee is entitled to sue for a variety of reasons. Employers must, therefore, be aware of all laws and regulations. They also need to understand how they should handle any potential legal issues that may arise. 


The most common employee lawsuits in the USA are as follows:

  • Breach of contractual terms and conditions in the event an employee is paid less than their contracted salary or bonuses

  • Complaints relating to gender, sexual and racial discrimination

  • Wrongful termination without plausible reason

  • Failure to meet contractual obligations

  • Personal injury workplace injuries

  • Unpaid overtime and failure to comply with FLSA standards for non-salaried employees.

  • Harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying.


As an Advisor HR Client you have a dedicated team to guide you through todays compliance issues.  

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