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Take it Seriously.

When an employee complains (or you hear about misconduct) you must take it seriously. Why? Because providing a safe and fair work environment is your legal and ethical responsibility. And, when proper investigative techniques are used, most issues are not only resolved but end up making the work place and work relationships better. But, what if someone is making a false claim? Swift and immediate discipline will let team members know that false claims will not be tolerated.

Create a Plan.

Before calling people into your office,create an investigation plan. What

should the plan include?

  • Outline the issue;

  • List all possible witnesses;

  • Brainstorm sources of information

  • (notes, camera, log ins, etc.);

  • Create interview questions to be

  • thorough and fair;

  • Decide how documents will be retained.

Conduct Interviews.

Interview people individually in a private location. If you feel it's needed, have another manager witness the interview.

Recommend Action.

Action should be determined from your disciplinary action policy, the severity of the infraction and any legal requirements. It's important to conduct a complete investigation as quickly as possible and administer the recommended action. Too often, the outcome is not carried out fully and/or not communicated with the affected parties. Don't forget to use what is learned to update policies, change procedures, and continue to provide training to leaders and team members.

You have help!

Your Advisor HR Field Consultant

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