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Do I Need a Dress Code?

The answer depends on several factors such as the amount of client interaction, the type of clients, the type of work, the office culture/environment, and social norms. So, the answer is "yes", "no", and "sometimes".

How Do You Create a Dress Code?

  • WHY. Clearly state the "Why?". What is the business purpose of a dress code? Remember, times have and are changing . Is what someone wears important to the job they do? Is it a safety issue?

  • YES. Establish what to wear. Provide guidelines and examples of what clothing is appropriate for you business.

  • NO. Establish what not to wear. Be specific about what you won't allow.

  • THEN WHAT. Determine the consequences and train your managers how to administer them. Article: How to Address a Work Dress Code Problem

  • EXCEPT. Decide on exceptions such as Jeans Friday, casual holiday, or dress up Halloween.

  • LET'S TALK. Revisit your dress code each year to make adjustments. If a rule no longer has impact, remove it. If a need has come up, establish a policy to fill the need.

You have help!

Your Advisor HR Field Consultant Can ...

  • Help you decide if and why you need a dress code

  • Help you determine how to write, roll out and enforce the policy

  • Coach you in talking to employees who are not adhering to the code.

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