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The Art of Receiving - Open-Door Policy

Here's the thing, you asked for feedback and told everyone to come to you with any issues. Remember that Open-Door Policy? Then, the comments, complaints, concerns start rolling in and you shut (mentally) your door. This doesn't make anything go away, but in fact, escalates and multiplies issues until crises are the norm.

It feels overwhelming because we don't know how to receive critical information and

how to dig past the surface to the REAL issues. Open your door wide, listen without interruption, choose a response from below, and see what happens.

Authentic, Respectful and Trusting Responses:

From Power Phrases! by Meryl Runion

  • I wasn't aware there was a problem. I want to hear your feedback to understand what needs to be changed.

  • I understand why you viewed it that way. Next time, I will handle it by doing ...

  • I want to do whatever I can to strengthen our working relationship. I consider us a team.

  • I plan to use this information to devise a plan to improve my performance.

  • What else would you like to see me do differently?

  • Could you be more specific? What do you mean by ...?

  • Do I understand you correctly that ...?

  • What needs to be done at this point?

  • Thanks for giving me your feedback. It is helpful for me to know how you view it.

  • Tell me more.

  • What else do you want to tell me?

  • I will consider everything you told me and see how I can apply it.

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