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Advisor HR Can Pick Your Low Hanging Fruit! Complete Your Compliance Audits & Put Processes in P

Compliance Audits and Process Training:

Governmental audits are on the rise so the odds you may experience this is increasingly in your favor no matter how small your business. Our Clients may contact our HR Department for your Free audits today!

✔ Check Audits Off Your Checklist

✔ I-9's

✔ Labor Law Posters - New requirements in 2018 for NC and SC

✔ Employee Files - Employee, Medical, Worker's Compensation

✔ Safety

✔ Employee Classification Review

✔ Handbook Updates

Click here to see the ICE I-9 Inspection process and list of Fines.

What is Compliance?

You may ask yourself, what does being "in compliance" really mean and will "it" ever happen to me?

As we all know there are laws and business requirements plaguing small and mid-sized businesses. Sometimes these processes can clog up progress and the longer they go on ignored the more potential cost they could be in unnecessary fines and penalties taking away from your bottom line.

Compliance is needed in most aspects of your business and especially in the Human Resources area. You have made the best decision to have Advisor HR available to help.

There are over 50 Federal Statutes and Regulations to be aware of as well as governing bodies such as the Department of Labor (DOL) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) setting rules and precedents. State laws and regulations adds additional awareness.

Please contact Leigh Coble, VP - HR Field Operations at 704-626-5960 or so a member of her team can pick your Low Hanging Fruit!

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