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Gen Z's Are Moving into the Workforce

Gen Z is easily the most diverse generation in American history, born after 2005, and with the last of the Baby boomers retiring, it leaves a big gap for Gen Z to fill. It’s important to recognize the change that is about to come to your office.


According to the Wall Street Journal, “Its members are more eager to get rich than the past three generations but are less interested in owning their own businesses, according to surveys. Early signs suggest Gen Z workers are more competitive and pragmatic, but also more anxious and reserved than millennials".

Video Based Learning

A trend that is arising is companies are switching to training videos instead of a traditional training instructor because Gen Z learn more quickly with short videos as apposed to lengthy lectures, which also saves time and money.

Ease of Working

An example was explained by the CEO of Ruby Tuesday, Ray Blanchette, “I can’t find enough young adult workers to wait tables and wash dishes because Uber and Lyft siphoned them off with worker-driven scheduling. “It’s a swipe one way on their phone and they’re working, and a swipe the other way and they’re not. It’s tough to compete against that.” Also, an article by INC., suggests coaching on how to interact with others but also to increase texting.

Financial Stability

However, a positive side to finding a solid job is that Gen Z is searching for finical stability. Most likely the Gen Z’ers you will encounter grew up in the 2008 recession and don’t want to face the same reality their parents had to face. They are looking for benefits that include a 401k and other ways to save.

Willing To Go The Extra Mile

According to the University of Michigan’s annual survey of teens, “The oldest Gen Z’ers also are more interested in making work a central part of their lives and are more willing to work overtime than most millennials.”

Overall, it is important to recognize that the upcoming workforce is driven, technology savvy, and while they struggle with one on one interaction, they will work overtime to compensate for it.

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