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What Do I Need to Know?

Here are a few things you should know about Workers' Compensation.

  • It's a no-fault law.

Fault doesn't matter. If your employee doesn't follow the rules and gets hurt, worker's compensation pays. Unless you are approved to be a self-funded company, you are required to carry workers compensation insurance.

  • It affects the bottom line. Your rate, the amount you pay per each $100 of payroll, depends on your industry's experience and your experience. Even if you have your coverage through Advisor HR's policy your company's personal workers compensation claim experience will follow you. Let your employees know that workers compensation payouts increase premiums which decreases the amount of money the company has for expansion, benefits and pay increases.

  • Prevention is the best cure. Safety measures, safety processes and safety training are vital to controlling your workers compensation insurance expenses. Take personal responsibility for keeping up to date on safety and workplace injury trends and prevent, prevent, prevent!

What Do I Need to Have?

Although Federal Law covers all states, employers should review and comply with state laws, as state laws normally set the parameters for employer-required coverage, posting, reporting and determining what constitutes a workers' compensation claim.

The Human Resource Department at Advisor HR can help you set up all of the policies and documentation you need for workers' compensation when on our plan. According to SHRM, these are the steps of a workers' comp claim:

  • Step 1: Educate the Team

  • Step 2: Report Incidents to Appropriate Parties

  • Step 3: Complete Injury/Illness Reports

  • Step 4: File Injury/Illness Reports

  • Step 5: Stay in Contact with the Worker's Compensation Carrier

  • Step 6: Stay in Contact with the Employee

  • Step 7: Establish a Timeline for Return to Work

  • Step 8: Return the Employee to Work

  • Step 9: Continue Leave or Terminate When an Employee Is Unable to Return to Work

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