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Experience You Can Trust

Our management team has over 30 years experience working with over 3,000 small business owners with over 65,000 employees combined.

About Us

Advisor HR's inspiring story began in 2014 with a vision to impact companies through PEO services and provide clients with a personalized boutique experience. Through unwavering commitment to excellence and service quality, Advisor HR has created a niche for itself in the fiercely competitive industry.​

So, what makes Advisor Hr different?

Each employer is assigned an HR specialist to their company as well as an HR attorney, a client service team member, a benefit administrator, and a payroll processor. Every client has different needs and having the right person to connect too is critical in making work life easier to navigate. Advisor HR has separated itself from other PEOs by delivering this hands-on approach with it's services.

Our Solutions

All-in-One HCM Platform


HR & Payroll

The HR & Payroll system is an advanced tool that can bring significant benefits to your organization. By implementing this system, you can reduce redundancy and errors in your HR processes, mitigate risks, and gain deeper insights into your workforce through analytics. The self-service capabilities will empower employees to manage their information, which can streamline HR processes and save time for your team. This will allow your HR department to shift its focus to strategic business initiatives that can drive growth and success for your organization. 


Onboard & Develop

From the moment a candidate accepts an offer and joins an organization, their interactions and impressions matter. It is imperative to ensure a positive experience for the employee from onboarding to their departure. To facilitate this, Onboard & Develop solutions offer a suite of tools,tics, templates, and wizards, toncy and compliance in the onboarding process and to create a more meaningful connection between employer and employee.


Talent Management

Our industry-leading Talent Management solutions provide an exceptional platform for fostering employee connectivity, idea sharing, feedback seeking, and collaboration, all while driving enhanced productivity and performance. By empowering employees to learn, innovate, and grow, our solutions enable them to realize their full potential and become the best in their field. With Advisor HR, you can be confident that your employees will have access to the tools they need to excel, both individually and as a team.


Attract & Hire

Attract & Hire is a highly customizable Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is designed to assist you in optimizing every step of your recruitment procedure. Whether you are looking to expand your team quickly, find remote candidates, or reach out to diverse talent, Attract & Hire provides you with the necessary technology to identify the best-suited open positions. You can save time by automating routine tasks and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of your recruitment process. 


Benefits Administration

Advisor HR's Benefits Enrollment & Administration feature empowers employees to independently research, select, and enroll in the benefits that best suit their needs. This reduces the burden on your HR team, simplifies the enrollment process, and enhances the overall employee experience. By consolidating HR and benefit administration, you can gain efficiencies and improve your marketplace competitiveness. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to streamlined operations with Benefits Enrollment & Administration.


Predictive People Analytics

HR teams can now leverage the power of Ai-based solutions to visualize workforce metrics. This helps them to better plan for changes in the employment landscape. Advisor HR Predictive People Analytics provides comprehensive benchmark data to help source and secure top talent. It also helps predict attrition across individuals and groups. All of this results in an improved employee experience and better alignment with operational goals.


Time and Labor Management

Advisor HR Time and Labor Management ensures accurate payroll and compliance while efficiently managing time, labor and attendance across your entire workforce— even employees who are remote or on the go.

Learn About Our Process

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