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Recruiting Management Software Meets Human Hiring

Whether you need to rapidly expand your team, find remote candidates, or diversify your talent pool, isolved Attract & Hire streamlines the process to help you find the top talent for your open roles.

Effortlessly attract top qualified candidates & create a streamlined candidate experience for optimized talent retention

 Applicant Tracking System

is an HR software that helps organizations find, organize, and hire candidates. If you are still manually tracking candidates with Excel sheets, sending emails from your inbox, and sifting through every resume by hand, you are in for a treat. An ATS can automate day-to-day tasks and streamline your hiring into a repeatable and scalable process. Saving you time while still scaling your team quickly, sourcing remote candidates and reaching diverse talent; Attract & Hire gives you the technology to find the best-fit candidates for your open roles.


of employers globally reported talent shortages; a 15 year high.

85 Million

jobs could go unfilled by 2030, due to a global talent shortage.


of America’s working population is actively job searching or watching for opportunities

Analytics Like No Other

The suite of features includes Candidate Spotlight profiles, which provide in-depth profiles of potential candidates to help recruiters make informed decisions. HR Data Surveys and Reference Surveys gather information crucial for understanding HR trends and candidate references. A Metrics Dashboard provides visual insights into recruitment metrics for better tracking and analysis. Job Requisition Tracking assists in monitoring the progress of job postings and candidate applications. Passive Candidate Notification alerts recruiters about potential candidates who haven't actively applied. Lastly, Resume Parsing simplifies the process of extracting relevant information from resumes for efficient candidate evaluation. 

AI Features

Our AI-powered tools automates the creation of captivating job descriptions to fill in pre-defined fields. As well as assesses job applicants' suitability for open positions by ranking them according to their alignment with the required skills and experience.

Effortlessly Create Job Listings

Over 4,000 free, premium, and social job boards available to you with custom offer letters.

All-In-One Integrations

Including Email Automation, SMS & Email Communication Inbox, Calendar & Onboarding Integration.

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