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Track and manage your employees Time, Attendance and Labor 

Our time & attendance programs help simplify time tracking so you can reduce payroll costs, process payroll faster and eliminate errors. Track and manage punches, time cards, time-off requests and accruals. Seamlessly integrates with payroll services.



Makes it easy to see who showed up at the right place and when. Unlimited geofences allows you to track every location. Mobile clocks simplify




Captures time data from clocks, calculate multiple rates, accruals, and keeps audit trail.


Filtered Clock Prompts

Filter clock prompts by employee or group to reduce punch choice, save time and reduce errors.


Overtime Management

Auto-apply overtime or proactively alert as thresholds approach. Flexible calculations and application.


Payroll Integration

Easy time card review and approval. Connects time data to payroll processing for fewer errors and faster completion.

Fewer Errors

Intelligent clock technology helps eliminate duplicate or missed punches and errors computing total hours and pay.

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Clock Lockout

Limit early clock in, scheduling warns when overtime approaches, managers easily view time cards in real time.


Eliminate Unplanned Overtime

Restrict unplanned overtime with rules and alerts. Compare budgeted hours to actual worked time in real time.


Flexible Configuration

Customized pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements and accrual application. Wide range of physical and online clock options.


Mobile Access

Administrators and employees have convenient access to mobile punch clocks and administration tools from any mobile device.


Faster Payroll Processing

Fewer errors, instant access for time card review and export to payroll reduces time spent processing payroll.

Customized Mobile Access - Tracking Time & Attendance, PTO, and more!

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Advisor HR Is Focused on the Details

With our system in place, our clients have the tools necessary to manage labor cost and engage employees.


We provide the Time and Attendance tools to help our clients manage their work force more efficiently.


  • Client never loses control.

  • Employees can submit time online.

  • Managers edit and approve time online and have direct access to Advisor HR with our HRIS online system. 

  • Missed punches, forgotten punches, sick time, vacation time, bonus pay, commissions and much more are all supported and easier than ever.

  • Great hardware terminals and web clocks.

  • The price is the price is the price. No nickel and dime charges. No fees for calling yourAdvisor HR line and talking direct for updates or changes. No service tickets.


We understand small business needs and access to "real people" supporting your needs.



Reports can be run to pull the information you need. That's why we give you full access to make your business more cost effective and efficient. 

  • by department

  • by division

  • by position

  • by benefits

  • by pay code

  • by deduction code

  • by benefit code

  • by home state

  • by SUTA state

  • by Work Comp code

  • by 401k plan

  • by training and licenses

               and on and on and on!

We give you the access to our report writer for the most specific reports needed.

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