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Empower Your Workforce with Advanced Employee Training Software.

Revamp your employee training program and unlock limitless possibilities with our cutting-edge learning management system. Gain access to over 85,000 on-demand courses designed for holistic skills development, all seamlessly integrated with isolved People Cloud HCM.


Top Learn & Grow Features


A user-friendly online portal your staff can access from anywhere, on demand.


Pre-loaded courses populated with engaging, multimedia content. 


Easy tools for developing custom courses and training paths.


Quizzes, certifications and gamification features to keep participants motivated.


Advanced reporting capabilities for easier tracking.

Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention 

Enable employees to grow and hone their skills by providing tailored and on-demand learning options, helping you create a talent pipeline for the future, while remaining competitive and preventing turnover today. Incentive upskilling with a robust Content Library, curated playlists and AI-powered searchability with a chatbot to help you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

Access over 85,000 ready-made courses or create your own!

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Streamline Employee Learning & Engagement

Using an LMS, administrators can create custom course paths for different roles or departments. With each guided path featuring easily consumable content, new hires can work through important training and onboarding materials at their own pace.

Easily assign or create courses, quizzes, certifications and paths to employees based on their roles and individual needs, or assign a course to an entire team instantly!


Attract & Retain Talent

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