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Manage HR & Benefits with Ease Using Our Cloud-Based HR Software

We customize the right coverage for your business based on the best needs of the employer and the employees. Advisor HR offers benefit packages that are competitive, cost effective and compliant.


We relieve the stress from your HR department by managing the responsibilities of benefits and fully support your benefit plans throughout the year.


Streamline Benefits: Navigate Open Enrollment with Ease

Advisor HR's Benefit Administration process allows employees to enroll in benefits on a user-friendly, self-service platform.

Customize with Confidence: Tailor benefit plans to fit your unique workforce.


Seamless Enrollment: Offer Clarity and Transparency, Empowering Employees to Choose.


Efficient Integration: Harness the Power of our People Cloud for Error-Free Data Sharing, saving time and reducing corrections.

Allow your team to focus on your business instead of managing paperwork, thanks to our intuitive employee onboarding software.

Control Employee Benefits Eligibility & Compliance

Utilize the integrated ACA and COBRA tools, leveraging precise and up-to-date employee information to streamline reporting, minimize mistakes, and meet urgent deadlines for your benefits management team. 


Additionally, our platform provides assistance for various benefits including FSA, HRA, transit, parking, tuition, and lifestyle benefits, all accessible through a straightforward enrollment portal.

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