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Why do our clients want us to be their Benefit Administrator?


We customize the right coverage for your business based on the best needs of the employer and the employees. Advisor HR offers benefit packages that are competitive, cost effective and compliant.


We relieve the stress from your HR department by managing the responsibilities of benefits which can be a very time-consuming process.

We manage and fully support your benefit plans throughout the plan year.



  • Smaller companies can take advantage of large group medical plans. No matter if the employees are in one location or nationwide.

  • Self-Funded, Level Funded and Fully Funded medical plans.

  • Flexibility with different deductibles and benefit levels.

  • Voluntary or Employer Paid Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Disability, Accident, Cancer and Hospital plans.

  • Tax advantaged plans, HSA & FSA.



  • Annual Open Enrollment and Benefit Education meetings to help current and new employees understand how to be a better consumer.

  • Wellness plans to help keep cost down for the employer and the employee by encouraging healthy behaviors and identify potential medical conditions early.

  • Dedicated benefits department with the expertise to handle most service issues.

  • Assistance regarding annual requirements and deadlines.

  • Accurate benefit deductions, invoicing and monthly bill reconciliations.

  • Annual analysis of the market to ensure your plans stay current and competitive with other companies.

  • Process new hire and termination paperwork.

  • Work directly with the payroll department to ensure all changes are accurately updated with deductions and employer contributions.

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