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About Advisor HR

Advisor HR has assembled some of the best talent in the Employee Administration industries to do one thing……Help Trusted Advisors build another division to their already successful business.  Trusted Advisors need an experienced, professional Business Partner who has the Platform and resources to assist them in providing a world class offering of HR services to their most important asset… their clients.

Regardless of the industry you serve, if you want to expand your offering to your existing clients and contacts, Advisor HR can get you up and running with a proven track record to run on.  We provide the following to every partner in our “Independent Office Network” (ION Partner):

  • All legal contracts to protect you and your client base

  • Pre-set Marketing materials that are private labeled to your company to build your brand

  • Multiple aspects of Training and Tips on how to get it done

  • Streamlined “Go-To Meetings” for your clients to provide efficiencies for you and your clients

  • Trips and contests to reward yourself and your team

Our Core Business is “Building Your Business!”  Get on board today with the platform and professional partner you need to build the business your clients need. 


You have worked hard to establish your client’s business. Now, with the power of our Employee Administration which includes PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION, HR ADMINISTRATION, , COMPLIANCE, and BENEFIT ADMINISTRATION you are able to have all-in-one services around your client.


With Advisor HR your business becomes a turn-key solution offering potential savings for your clients, personalized HR services that build more retention and trust. It also allows you to leverage your time with our team as we help your clients with our 30 years of success within our team that has managed over 1.2 billion in revenue for small businesses. 



You, the Trusted Advisor, who is working to create and manage your own current successful business. To help you build a complete business solution offering, we provide the following: training, business development strategies, incentive trips, bonuses, and marketing support. 


You, the Trusted Advisor with our Field HR Administration Team. Our team is there to service your clients for all of their HR needs. These include Benefit Administration, Payroll Administration, HR Compliance Administration, and HR Risk Management. Our team of professionals work with you to deliver a cohesive professional service that you can be proud of.  


You, the Trusted Advisor our commitment to excellence, that we stand by to ensure a successful and profitable partnership with Trusted Advisors.

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